How to Fix Corrupted PST Files and Recover Deleted Emails in Microsoft Outlook

With Microsoft Outlook being used as the most widely-used email client in the world, it’s no surprise that you’re going to run into issues every now and then. While it doesn’t happen often, corrupted PST files or lost emails can pop up at any time, making it impossible to access your data. Luckily, if you were smart enough to keep backups, you can repair corrupted PST files and even recover deleted emails with this handy guide!

What are the main reasons behind corruption?
It’s important to know what caused your Microsoft Outlook file corruption because different types of file errors can be repaired with different methods. There are a number of ways that you could damage or corrupt your PST files: – Email virus: If your inbox is hit by a virus that deletes emails as they come into the inbox, then this will also damage your. PST files too.

What is PST File?
PST file is an acronym for personal storage table, which is a database file created by Microsoft Outlook or another program that supports the DBX or Personal Storage Table format. The PST file usually contains emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, and other items. If you have any corruption issues with your PST file then you can’t open it as it will give you an error message.

What issues can cause corruption?
Corruption can be caused by computer malfunctions, viruses or power outages. Luckily, it can usually be fixed if you’re quick enough. If your data is less than 15 minutes old, there’s a strong chance that damage hasn’t been done yet.

Are there other causes of corruption?
If you have deleted an email without making a backup, it can be recovered by using any number of email recovery software packages. However, if you had backed up the email on your own drive and then later deleted that copy, it will be very difficult (or nearly impossible) to recover it. The same goes for corruption caused by other factors such as running out of disk space while downloading a large attachment, virus or malware attack, etc.

How to fix problems with your data?
Corrupted PST files are a common problem that can lead to the loss of valuable data. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about them because there are two different options for fixing the problem. First, you can get your files repaired by a specialist or if you’re an advanced user, you can use tools like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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